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Question from "Stabbed in the Back"

Dear Lindsey,
I don't know what to do. Over a year ago I allowed by brother and his wife to move in with their 3 daughters (they were experiencing some financial difficulties). I recently found out that my husband slept with my sister-in-law. I'm completely devestated. I'm significantly more attrative than her and would have never thought my husband to be a cheater. I guess since I was working my long hours as a jewlery manager at Walmart he felt neglected. My brother was also shocked about what transpired. When I found out I told them they both were to get the hell out of my house. My husband and I are now in counseling. I just feel so betrayed. I wonder if the hurt I feel will ever be healed. Should I just cut my losses and move on?     P. S. We have no children.   Thank you. Signed; Stabbed in the Back

Dear Stabbed in the Back,
The first thought that comes to mind is to somehow get them in a moving car together and make sure the break line is cut.  Since your sister-in-law is a mother, and it's an illegal act, I guess that's not really an option.  Cheating is always difficult to deal with, and it makes it even worse when family is involved.
If your husband was feeling so neglected he should have thought with the head on his neck and not the one in his pants and came to you first to discuss his feelings.  Don't even get me started on your sister-in-law.  You were kind enough to take your brother and his family into your home and this is how she repays you???  Wow, what a b**ch!  Plus think of how much she's hurt your brother and nieces.  You have no reason to speak to her ever again!
Here's some food for thought.  If you stay with your husband, will you always have that thought in the back of your mind about his infidelity and if it will happen again?  If so, can you live with those thoughts for the rest of your life?  On top of that, is it going to affect your relationship with your brother to stay with your husband?  How are family gatherings going to be if your brother and the dude that porked his wife are in the same room together?  You must be close with your brother if you were willing to take him and his family in, so will you have to cut ties with him if you stay married or juggle relationships between the two?
If you've given those questions some thought and still think you want to stay with the cheating bastard, then PLEASE stay in couseling because you'll need it.  Just remeber, there's plenty of swans in the lake.  Why you ask do I use that analogy intead of "fish in the sea"?  Well, swans mate for life unlike your cheating husband!
Lots of love,

Tip #1 - House Cleaning

Let's just face it, no one enjoys house cleaning.  Here's a tip to make it a little more fun.  Once in a while put on a nice dress, heels, and a set of pearls and crank up your favorite station.  When I feel pretty I'm in a better mood, and being in that mind set will help make an unpleasant job just a little better.  June Cleaver did it and she always looked happy, so why not give it a try!  Make sure the dress is easily washable so you don't ruin it.
For those of you who are living with someone, include a piece of lingerie under your dress that your significant other can find after the chores are completed.  This adds an element of excitement and something to look forward to while you're scrubbing floors! 
Personally, I feel like I'm entitled to a reward after I've serviced my house and my husband.  After the chores are done in and out of the bedroom, go shopping and buy a new dress, shoes, and jewelry for the next time you feel like dressing up to clean.

Let the Fun Begin

For years friends, family, co-workers, and people I don't really even like that much have been asking me my opinion on most anything I can think of.  It's not because I'm some great psychotherapist or a worldly scholar, heck, I have a degree in Biology which I drank my way though most of.  I'm just really honest, have a good amount of common sense, and try to deliver my opinion in a matter-of-fact approach.  I'm not going to give you the lovey-dovey, feel good version of the truth.  I'm going to tell you if you're being a dumbass and what I think you should do to fix it. 
As a general rule I'll answer questions about family, dating, marriage, parenting, really anything real-life based.  I'm going to stay away from questions revolving around politics, religion, and any of the "hot button" topics.  This blog is meant for humor and fun, not for heated debates which could end in my death!!  I'll also post the occasional helpful life tip I think everyone should know and some reviews about products, websites, and anything else I find interesting. 
I'm hoping to stay on top of this blog as best I can with a baby taking most of my attention.  I have a family blog that I haven't updated since I was 38 weeks pregnant (my son is now almost 5 months) so I can't promise anything.  Since I enjoy giving advice way more than talking about myself and family, I'm sure this blog will stay updated much better.  You can check back frequently, follow using your Google account or get email updates sent to you by submitting your email below.
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