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Tip #1 - House Cleaning

Let's just face it, no one enjoys house cleaning.  Here's a tip to make it a little more fun.  Once in a while put on a nice dress, heels, and a set of pearls and crank up your favorite station.  When I feel pretty I'm in a better mood, and being in that mind set will help make an unpleasant job just a little better.  June Cleaver did it and she always looked happy, so why not give it a try!  Make sure the dress is easily washable so you don't ruin it.
For those of you who are living with someone, include a piece of lingerie under your dress that your significant other can find after the chores are completed.  This adds an element of excitement and something to look forward to while you're scrubbing floors! 
Personally, I feel like I'm entitled to a reward after I've serviced my house and my husband.  After the chores are done in and out of the bedroom, go shopping and buy a new dress, shoes, and jewelry for the next time you feel like dressing up to clean.

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