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Let the Fun Begin

For years friends, family, co-workers, and people I don't really even like that much have been asking me my opinion on most anything I can think of.  It's not because I'm some great psychotherapist or a worldly scholar, heck, I have a degree in Biology which I drank my way though most of.  I'm just really honest, have a good amount of common sense, and try to deliver my opinion in a matter-of-fact approach.  I'm not going to give you the lovey-dovey, feel good version of the truth.  I'm going to tell you if you're being a dumbass and what I think you should do to fix it. 
As a general rule I'll answer questions about family, dating, marriage, parenting, really anything real-life based.  I'm going to stay away from questions revolving around politics, religion, and any of the "hot button" topics.  This blog is meant for humor and fun, not for heated debates which could end in my death!!  I'll also post the occasional helpful life tip I think everyone should know and some reviews about products, websites, and anything else I find interesting. 
I'm hoping to stay on top of this blog as best I can with a baby taking most of my attention.  I have a family blog that I haven't updated since I was 38 weeks pregnant (my son is now almost 5 months) so I can't promise anything.  Since I enjoy giving advice way more than talking about myself and family, I'm sure this blog will stay updated much better.  You can check back frequently, follow using your Google account or get email updates sent to you by submitting your email below.
So here we go.  Please send your questions to the email listed above and I will repost them on this website along with my response.  I will not respond directly to emails so if you're looking for a response in your inbox, it's not going to happen.  Come back here to look for your post.  If you haven't seen your question posted within a month, it probably means I didn't get your email, your questions was not appropriate, or I just didn't want to answer your particular question. 


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