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Review of Nordstrom's Nursing Bras - Two Thumbs Down

Recently I went on a quest to find nursing bras that were comfortable, attractive, and easily opened to access the girls for nursing.  On a recommendation I ventured to Nordstrom because I was told they have a great selection and they are good quality.  I was also told the ladies there are very knowledgeable and will fit me so I can get a proper size.  I couldn't wait to find something that was functional, but also attractive since I was already feeling like Bessie the cow being milked all the time.
I went on a Saturday, and although the store was busy, there was only me and one other lady in the bra section.  Coincidentally, she was also shopping for nursing bras.  We both wandered for about 10 minutes trying to locate the nursing bras, when finally a sales person came to help us.  We were told they only had 3 styles and they were all in the back.  She asked us each our size and then headed to the back to grab what she could find.
My chest had grown substantially from my pre-pregnancy size and I had no clue what size I should be put in, so I was slightly annoyed that she did not even offer to measure me.  When she returned with the bras I asked to be measured and she claimed they don't measure nursing women since the size fluctuates during the day.  Really??  I can't even get a measurement to give me a ball park figure of what I should be in?  LAME! 
So now I'm in the fitting room and I look on the wall hanger at the three styles the sales associate has hung there for me to try on.  At that point I think I vomited in my mouth a little.  All three were hideous!!  I'm thinking to myself, I already feel super unattractive because I'm still 20 pounds overweight, have a lovely c-section scar, look absolutely haggard because of the lack of sleep, and now you want me to wear something that looks like I shoved my boobs in two potato sacks??  Gross!
Against my better judgement, I tried each one on.  With each bra, I felt more and more like I was trying on bras from my grandma's closet.  I also thought laying in a pile of fire ants would have been more comfortable that each of these bras.  I can't believe Nordstrom had such a small, unattractive selection of nursing bras.  To make matters worse, I pretty much found the same selection at other department stores, so sorry Nordstrom to pick on you alone.
Can't anyone out there make a comfortable, attractive nursing bra that is also somewhat inexpensive?  Here's what I would want in a nursing bra.  Make my boobs look like a porn star's, be comfortable enough to sleep in, have easy one-hand snaps in the front to access the girls, be affordable, and be so pretty that it could be hung in the Louvre as art. 
To all my readers, if you have found one please post a comment below.  As for now Nordstrom, you get two thumbs down in the nursing bra department!  You do have great shoes, however, so I'll cut you some slack.
Lots of Love,


  1. I hate this but the best nursing bra in the world can be found at Wal-Mart. I have had a boycott on Wal-Mart for almost 7 years but found myself there a couple months ago when someone gave us a gift card. I told myself that the money had already been spent. If I didn't use it then Wal-Mart would profit even more. I had to use it! Anyway, it's called Best Form and man, is it really the best. It's not porn star quality attractiveness but it's not ugly either. It's a little sporty if you just get the cotton one. It's the most comfortable bar none. It has wide cozy straps, can easily be used with one hand, is super supportive despite not having under-wire, and is just all around awesome. I wear it way more than my $50 Medela bras.

  2. Thanks for the tip about the Best Form Wal-Mart bras. I too try to avoid Wal-Mart like the plague, but if this bra is as great as you say I may have to make an exception.

  3. Victoria Secret has nursing bras. You can find them online. I never bought one so I can't speak about their comfort but they are super cute. My personal fav are Bravado nursing bras. Not as sexy as VS but great quality and very comfy.