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Question from Reasonable in San Francisco

I found this question on Dear Abby's column and just had to repost and put my own response...
Dear Abby (Lindsey),
I am invited to a 60th wedding anniversary party. They are requesting that all the guests wear white. I think it's unfair to ask that of a guest. I recently lost weight and will have to buy something new to wear, besides paying for my hotel and a nice gift.
I care about the couple and want to share this special occasion with them, but I'm on a fixed income. To have to go out and buy something new is a hardship. Abby, what do you think?

Dear Reasonable in San Francisco,
Seriously??!!  If someone is having a themed party it is not unfair to ask their guests to dress the part.  It's the same of asking guests to wear grass skirts and coconut bras to a Hawaiin themed party.  I would think since you lost weight you'd want to go to as many social gatherings as possible to show off your new figure, especially in white.  There are a ton of other options instead of being a cheap ass and not wanting to buy a new outfit. 
1.  Borrow something from a friend or family member.  There has got to be someone you know that has a white outfit in your size they can lend you.  Maybe bake a cake to say thank you for borrowing the outfit.
2.  Go to a consigment or thrift store to find something.  You can't tell me you can't find something white and cheap at a place like this.  It may not be the best quality, but you're only going to wear it for a day.  You live in San Francisco, so if you can't afford a $20 outfit, you shouldn't be able to afford to live there.
3.  Buy something, be very careful at the party, then return it the next day.  I do this all the time.  There's no harm in tucking in the tags so no one can see them, then taking the outfit back and claiming it didn't fit right.
4. Bleach an outfit you weren't super fond of.  Bleach turns everything white!  I have ruined many an outfit this way.
5.  Get a cheap gift and stay in a crappy motel, then you'll have extra money to buy a new outfit.
6.  Sell plasma for extra spending money.  I did this in college and made bank!!!
7.  Look for a clothes swap in your area.  You can bring crap that you don't want and exchange it for someone else's crap that they didn't want.  Maybe you'll get lucky and find a white outfit.
8.  If none of the above options work for you then send your love with a present in the mail.  No one said you have to go and if I were your friends I wouldn't want your cheap ass there anyway to ruin my anniversary!
Lots of love,

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