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Tip #3 - Unfortunately, men are not mind readers

Mother's day was last weekend and some of my friends and I were chatting away the following day about how the holiday went for us.  We had parts of the day that we liked and parts that were not so great.  We all came to the conclusion that if we had just told our husbands exactly what we wanted we would have the perfect day. 
Many of us women just have that natural gift-giving instinct.  We plan far in advance to select the perfect gift for our loved ones.  When our significant other mentions in passing he thinks the newest gadget is totally cool or is interested in home brewing, or something else we could care less about, we pay attention and bank that for later when gifts are in order. 
Most men are not as attentive.  They usually have to be reminded a significant event or birthday is coming up and even then they usually try to find a gift only a few days in advance, if that.  If you have a man that is an exception, and always gives the perfect gift which is thoughtful and meaningful, well then good for you.  Don't brag about it though, the rest of us don't want to hear it!
Moral of the story, women, just tell your man exactly what you want.  I know what some women out there are thinking, "But I want to be surprised."  People in hell want a cold glass of water, but they're not getting that either.  If you're really into the surprise, make a list of several things you may want and give it to your man.  Tell him to pick a few things from the list.  That way you don't know exactly what you're getting and you still get something you want.  If you don't care about the surprise, tell your man what you want, where to get it, how much it's going to cost, and you may even want to contact a sales associate ahead of time just to put it aside for easy pick-up.
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  1. I kind of learned that a few years ago. We don't really celebrate most holidays except our anniversary and the big family ones but this being my first Mother's Day felt important. Becoming a mom was a big deal for me, obviously, so about two weeks before Mother's Day I said just those words to Keith. "Mother's Day is the Sunday after next; it's kind of a big deal to me." I also told him that I'd like to raise a son who knows how to say "Thank You" and the best way for him to learn that is by seeing us model it. SOOO, all that being said, my Mother's Day was actually a Mother's Weekend. I got a new garden planted by my loving husband while I just relaxed and played in the sun with Henry. Then Sunday morning I got breakfast in bed and a framed finger painting that he had Henry make earlier in the week. You're exactly right, if you want something you gotta just come right out and say it!